“ That MVGLA is growing its team in times of such competition for experienced onshore wind landscape professionals is a measure of the quality and attraction of the firm. Having worked with both Marc and Bea as expert witnesses and EIAR contributors for 25 years I can say that they are safe hands to guide difficult projects, and add  value to any team. It is always a relief to an advocate to know that witnesses will be as robust and convincing. Keep going!”

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Marc and his team on various renewable projects over the past two decades and I’m always impressed by his ability to  constructively challenge developers and statutory agencies in an open and positive fashion to enable differences to be overcome and solutions arrived at.

Through MacArthur Green working with MVGLA recently to help them transition to a carbon neutral company, it is clear that they are 100% committed to doing the right  thing by the environment.”

“I have worked with the team from MVGLA for over 20 years.  Every project I have worked with them on they have brought enthusiasm and innovation to the project.  Their judgements are all based on a deep understanding of the landscape and visual issues that are likely to be involved in any project.  I have always found their input into  the design element of the project to be particularly helpful.  The team have an innate ability to understand the importance of having a strategic context and thereafter  ensuring that the landscape and visual matters are properly incorporated into the design.  They also work well with other consultants within the environmental planning  team.  The team at MVGLA also continue to innovate and look at new thinking and approaches.  They have also played an important role in the development of landscape  architecture in this country.  Landscape and visual issues continue to be the key consideration in respect of almost all onshore energy projects.  Understanding the key  issues at the outset is critical to ensuring the successful delivery.”

“SP Energy Networks has a long and successful history of working on strategic electricity grid developments with Marc, both as a respected landscape architect and as a  leader, not afraid to provoke debate and challenge the norm.

Based on strong strategic principles, MVGLA provide clear and definitive guidance to the team and ensure that landscape and visual considerations are at the core of the  development, whilst balancing the technical design requirements, and the many competing wider environmental factors. Ultimately placing mitigation at the heart of the   design.

MVGLA will form a natural extension to any internal project team.”

“I have appointed Marc as lead landscape consultant on numerous onshore windfarm projects over the years. He always provides detailed and insightful expert advice that you can rely upon. He is pragmatic and challenging in his approach, has a thorough knowledge of the relevant policy background and is extremely well respected in his  profession.”