Graeme Glencorse

MVGLA keeps growing!

We are delighted to introduce our newest team member Graeme Glencorse who is joining us as an Associate. Graeme is a highly experienced landscape architect who worked at Natural Power prior to joining MVGLA. Graeme will no doubt play a major role in the further development and growth of MVGLA. Our team is now made up of 9 people: Bea, Graeme, Anita, Brigitte, Grant, Julia, Jacqui, Yannis and Marc.

We are particularly pleased that 6 of us live in rural Perthshire: four in Comrie, one in Madderty (cycling to the office come rain or shine) and one in Doune. Three of our team, all part time, work predominantly remote, occasionally travelling to HQ for face to face meetings and maintaining our strong team atmosphere. So we have a small carbon footprint as far as commuting is concerned.

But we are not standing still and we hope to make some exciting announcements about the next stage of MVGLA shortly. We are confident that on the 5th January 2025 (nice number eh!) we will celebrate a very successful first decade of MVGLA and entering the second with excitement.